Nude protest organized by creepy man with no interest in climate change


Hundreds of climate change protestors this week answered a call from a previously unknown organization calling itself ‘Naked Action for Global Warming’ following an initiative from a middle-aged man from the West Midlands with an interest in amateur photography.

Bryan Davidson put out a call on various environmental websites calling on all concerned protestors to strip off to draw attention to the destruction of the ozone layer. Since he was unable to travel to an Alpine Glacier or the North Pole he proposed that the mass nude protest take place ‘in the woods near my house.’ A large number of students, green campaigners and eco-warriors arrived at Mr Davidson’s Redditch home for the photo opportunity and were each vetted for suitability by the lone organizer. ‘He said I was perfect’ said Olga Schmidt, 24 from the Czech Republic. ‘But my grandmother who had travelled with me wasn’t quite right for the message of ‘concerned youth’ that he was eager to communicate. ‘He photographed us in the nude pointing up to the sky, and then crouching to search for dying insects, and then he filmed me jumping up and down to show I was ‘hopping mad’ about the vanishing ice sheets.’ Mr Davidson ended the photo-shoot by getting all the naked protestors to hug and kiss one another ‘to show the love that could defeat climate change’.’

Subsequent research has shown that Mr Davidson has no history of environmental campaigning although his name did crop up as having been blacklisted from a number of swinging parties after promising that ‘his wife would be coming along later’. But the protestors were quick to defend Mr Davidson. ‘No he was very concerned about global warning, explaining that we must still rub sun cream all over our bodies even though it was cloudy,’ said Olga. ‘He even offered to do me himself.’

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