‘Hilarious’ YouTube clip not actually funny


A clip on YouTube turned out to be not quite as hilarious as was promised this week. Alan Toynbee, 27 from Swansea spent the best part of Thursday evening telling his wife’s brother about ‘this absolutely bloody brilliant and hilarious’ clip he had spotted on YouTube recently. But when the pair went over to Alan’s computer and found the clip they discovered it wasn’t actually funny at all, just a rather annoying American teenager miming along to Depeche Mode’s ‘Master and Servant’ with a hand-puppet.

‘I could feel the back of my neck prickling throughout the clip’ said Alan’s brother-in-law Tony, 36. ‘We sat in absolute silence for about four minutes, getting more and more embarrassed as we attempted but failed to laugh. We both realised it wasn’t funny at all, even though when Al had originally described it, the idea had sounded quite amusing and I had laughed at his impression of it.’

Alan’s wife, who had apparently had six glasses of Pinot Grigio, arrived at the end of the clip and began giggling uncontrollably. ‘That’s not the clip’ Alan explained. ‘That’s just my screensaver.’

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