Facebook employee sacked for spending entire working day on Excel


An employee with the social networking website Facebook was dismissed yesterday after his bosses discovered that he had spent the whole day using the Excel software package.

Bradley Chambers, 24 had been attempting to bring some order to his department’s chaotic budget when he was discovered by his boss to be using the office computer for office-related matters.

‘It doesn’t exactly send out the right kind of message does it?’ said Mr Chamber’s line manager. ‘Our entire company ethos is to create a website for people to spend every working hour aimlessly browsing through the lives of people they barely know, and this individual comes along and takes it upon himself to waste an entire day evaluating budgeting spreadsheets. Not on my shift he doesn’t, thank you very much.’

The sacked employee said he had appealed against the dismissal but neither his union representative nor the head of Human Resources had yet replied to any of his emails. ‘I rang them up and they said something about being incredibly busy at the moment, changing their personal profiles.’

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