Milky Bar Kid ‘actually quite tight’


The Milky Bar Kid, revered for many years as a symbol of generosity and philanthropy, was actually very careful with his money and often went to extreme lengths to avoid paying for chocolate bars himself, it has been revealed.

Former colleague Tommy Greenwood, who worked with the Milky Bar Kid in the mid-1980s, has finally spoken out against him for the first time, claiming that the milky bars ‘were certainly never on him’. ‘The Kid used to come up with a string of excuses for why he couldn’t pay for any chocolate himself,’ claims Greenwood. ‘Often he’d say his Mum had forgotten to give him his pocket money and could he borrow 30p which he’d pay back the next day. Another favourite of his was to offer to stand in the queue at the tuck shop and order chocolate bars for all his friends but then claim to have left his money in his locker when it came to paying, forcing someone else to ‘lend him’ the required sum.’

The Milky Bar Kid, now grown up and living in Scotland, refused to comment on the allegations unless journalists paid him for a quote. Apparently he still occassionally goes in to his local and shouts ‘the Milky Bars are on me’ knowing full well that the pub does not actually sell Milky Bars.

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