Apple owners still ‘too smug’ admits Jobs


Apple Chief Exectuive Steve Jobs has admitted that the smugness of existing Apple product owners is putting off potential purchasers. In a frank interview with an industry journal Jobs admitted ‘We have always had a problem with superior and self-satisfied owners’ said Jobs ‘but with the iPhone we came up with what we thought was a foolproof strategy to counter this, by making owners look a lot less smug when they attempted to actually use it.’

In the past Apple have spent millions developing new ways to try and remove the conceited pomposity on owners’ faces, from developing easi-scratch plastics to amplify the slightest mark in the case of their iPod, to special batteries for use in their iBooks, which added a sense of danger every time owners used one. In the UK Apple they attempted to suppress the smugness of iPod owners by charging 20% more for iTunes downloads.

However Apple have denied employing knife-wielding gangs to patrol cities to remove the iPod and smugness from anyone found wearing white earphones.

Roy Terse

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