Victim comes face to face with man who used his unsecured wireless network


A scheme created by the Metropolitan Police is forcing internet wireless thieves to meet their victims face to face and apologize.

The first such encounter took place this week in the presence of a women police officer and a counsellor, who has been helping the victim of the crime rebuild his life after having a stranger access the internet via his wireless broadband server.

‘It was horrible’ wept victim Ken Jameson (not his real name). ‘I felt like my home had been violated, like there was someone who had been snooping around in my own personal e-space.’

Freddie ‘Fingers’ McNeil said he never thought about the victim until he was forced to meet him. ‘The signal was just there near the café where I had my laptop out and I thought ‘I’ll have a bit of that.’

‘It was almost the perfect crime,’ said Detective Inspector Hooper. ‘Fingers’ McNeil was sitting in Starbucks, and clicked on ‘View Available Networks’. He was just about to pay to log on to the Starbucks server when he noticed an unsecured network of the man who lived over the road. A click of the mouse and he was accessing the internet for free, without a thought to all the pain and suffering that this would bring.’

But what ‘Fingers’ didn’t realize is that there was a plain-clothed member of the Met’s famous ‘Wi-Fi Squad’ sitting right behind him. The thief was captured after a dramatic chase through the backstreets of Hackney. Armed officers finally surrounded him by some lock up garages in Dalston, and McNeil later confessed to several other crimes including copying digitial music files and not reading the Microsoft License User Agreement despite clicking on the box that said he had. A meeting is being arranged so that he can apologize to Bill Gates in person.


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