Forest fire tackled with loud swearing


Forest fires raging out of control in the hills of Ventura County, Southern California are being tackled with loud obsenities from teams of fire-fighters.

When the inferno first spread through the parched brushland, fire crews converged on the scene pouring millions of gallons of water onto the flames. But the blaze continued to spread; not even water bombs dropped from hellicopters seemed to make any difference. Forestry officials briefly admitted that they had run out of ideas for tackling the blaze until Chief Fire Officer David D’Auria hit upon another approach.

‘It was just sort of instinctive I guess,’ said Officer D’Auria. ‘I just turned off the hose and shouted. ‘That really is one huge fucking fire.’ Other officers soon followed his lead, abandoning traditional fire fighting methods and shouting ‘Shit, look at that fucker burn!’. or ‘That is one mother-fucker of a fire!’

Since then the team have been joined by fire-fighters coming from as far afield as San Diego to swear at the blaze and even one fire crew from Mexico who arrived to swear at the fire in Spanish.

Members of the public have been reminded not to attempt to swear at any fires themselves. Call 911 and leave it to the professionals to shout ‘Holy Fucking Shit! I’m fucked if I’m going near that fucker!’

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