BMW driven sensibly up motorway


Police have revealed footage today of a BMW being driven courteously and within the speed limit along a twenty mile stretch of the M5. The grainy footage clearly shows the driver showing consideration to other road users and consistently using his rear view mirror and indicators.

PC Gerry Strachan of the Avon and Somerset force said he had never seen anything like it before in his ten years in the police service. ‘We came onto the M5 at Junction 12 and we saw a BMW behaving strangely; the driver of the car was aware of other road users and even let someone in front of him when using the outside lane.’

The police followed the car for some miles, on suspicion that it must have been stolen by a non-BMW owner ‘There was no attempt at any time by the driver to drive any closer than three foot of the car in front. Even in queuing traffic the car made no attempt to beat the queue by diving up the fast lane to cut in, the driver obviously was not thinking for a moment that he was any more important than any other road user.’

A spokesman for BMW said ‘This is a one off incident and the public should not draw any general conclusions about BMW drivers from this one unrepresentative driver. Anyway, can’t chat too long – I’m driving…’


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