Diana inquest releases colonoscopy footage


Jurors in the inquest into the death of Princess Diana have been shown video footage of a colonoscopy that she had one week before her fatal car crash. The release of the images of the Princess’s internal examination was judged to be in the public interest, although some friends of the late Princess were critical that such intimate shots were allowed into the public domain.

A number of newspapers have also slammed the decision to publish photos of the inside of Diana’s digestive system, printing special editorials alongside the images that they say should have remained private. The Daily Express has published a Diana colonoscopy colour pull-out special.

However royal watchers say the intimate pictures reveal a warm, hidden, more private side to the Princess, though her coy beauty remains unmistakable. While it cannot be discerned from the photos, Diana was wearing a green hospital gown with easy-tie strings which was later auctioned for one of her charities.

Ever since her mystery death in 1997, speculation has continued as to what on earth could have caused a young and healthy Princess to die so suddenly. The fact that the car she was in was crashed by a drunk driver when she wasn’t wearing her seat belt is just one of the nutty theories that jurors will have to consider.

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