Mugging of pensioner ‘was worth it’ admit police


A pensioner in Manchester was robbed for an amount that police have been forced to admit made the crime definitely worth the risk of being caught. No violence was actually involved and the robber was lucky enough to have picked a victim who happened to be carrying over five thousand pounds in cash as he walked home from the building society.

Kenneth Johnson, 75 took a short cut down an alleyway in Didsbury carrying the bulging hold-all containing bundles of cash that he was taking home following the collapse of Northern Rock. The robber just grabbed the bag and then cycled off to see what was inside.

‘Normally these muggers give some poor pensioners a black eye, and it turns out that they only got away with 55p. This bloke netted himself a small fortune, There’s no pretending that this is a sickening and pointless crime. We’re just all feeling a bit jealous to be honest.’

Mr Johnson has offered a reward of £1 for any information leading to the return of the money. Speaking to journalists he announced ‘I’m still taking the rest of my money out of the building society, but I’m not going down that alleyway again. Tomorrow I’m going to cut though by those lock up garages instead. About four-ish.’

6 Oct 2007

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