Mr Men publisher launches Mr Hoody


The publishers of the popular Mr Men series of children’s books, have denied they are dumbing down with the launch of a new range of modern titles. The new characters which include Mr Road Rage, Little Miss Chav, Mr Hoody and Mr Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, were described by the publisher as ‘sexy, savvy, cutting-edge fiction for the five-year-old of today.’

The Mr Men brand has been highly successful, with an estimated 100 million books having been sold in 22 countries, ever since Roger Hargreaves launched his first character ‘Mr Easy-to-Draw’. But the older characters such as Mr Happy and Mr Bump are no longer relevant to the modern child, claimed the publishers. ‘Little Ms Txt, for example, is a modern young woman who really speaks to children in a way that they understand; ungrammatically, and with very short words.’ Other titles in the new series include Mr Asbo, Little Miss Pregnant and Little Miss Mr, the first transgender character in the Mr Men series.

‘These little books are perfect for todays five year olds. They are small, they are light, they are incredibly easy to shoplift.’

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