Isle of Wight to get Ceefax


Residents of the Isle of Wight are excited that the information revolution is about to hit the island with the arrival of the BBC’s up to the minute information service Ceefax. By pressing different coloured buttons on their television remote controls local residents will be able to get instant weather and travel information, recipes, horoscopes and more.

‘I can’t believe that the information revolution can go any further than this,’ said Arnold Harrison, 76. ‘So much to find out and read! OK, the pages come round a bit to quick for us down here, but I for one will be reading about all the various things there are to do on the Isle of Wight without even leaving my screen. Whoever heard of such a thing!’

Its relative isolation from the English mainland coupled with its elderly population has meant that ‘the Island’ has not always embraced technological innovations as quickly as the rest of the United Kingdom. Fax machines were regarded with suspicion for many years by residents who could not see how the paper could have come down the little wire. ‘But now with the arrival of Ceefax, islanders believe they may have the edge of the rest of the country. Apparently Ceefax isn’t used much in the rest of the UK’ said Arnold. ‘They don’t know what they’re missing out on! And all from just pressing buttons on your TV remote control apparently. Actually, what is a TV remote control?’


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