Australian TV cancels ‘Rising Inflections’ quiz


‘Rising Inflections’, the latest big-money television show on Australia’s Channel 9 has been cancelled with immediate effect, because viewers, contestants and even the quizmaster had no idea when a question was being asked.

Things went badly during the filming of the first episode, during which one contestant’s statement: ‘Hi, my name’s Jennifer??’ was immediately followed by a flurry of buzzers from the other competitors who had assumed that the ‘fastest finger’ round had started.

Quiz host Jimmy Lathom’s question to one of the competitors, ‘So you wanna double your money?’ was followed by 17 seconds of silence, as no-one realised that Jimmy was in fact waiting for a response.

The final straw came during the quick-fire round when the rapid succession of answers that sounded like questions resulted in both teams of competitors getting confused about who was actually in charge, and responding to each others questions, leaving Jimmy Lathom to stare incredulously at the camera.
Mr Lathom said, ‘The quiz show never seems to do well here in Australia? When I hosted ‘Blankety Blank’ three years ago, I started the programme with a little chat with one of the contestants and we talked about the usual things such as who she was, where she came from, her family and her career. When we got ready to start the quiz proper, she complained that she had zero points and said she had got every question right so far.’

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