Inspectors slam first Jedi Faith School


The government’s support for faith schools has come under further criticism following a damning Ofsted report for the first Jedi School, St Yoda Brownhoods.

The school, established in 2002 in the wake of the census which showed 390,000 people in the UK were registered Jedi, was revealed to be operating a covert selection policy and ignoring the National Curriculum. Ofsted inspectors said the pupils even lacked a basic grasp of English grammar, although the headteacher was ‘comment unwilling to’.

The report claimed that religious education was focused too narrowly around ‘the Force’, and school uniform was ‘scruffy and impractical’, with many of the students being encouraged to dress like hoodies, albeit in a sort of brown sackcloth thing. Inspectors also discovered serious bullying against droids, while there was barely a fluorescant light bulb left that hadn’t been yanked out of its socket and used as a weapon against another pupil.

In addition, students were found to be bunking off for extended periods, offering such excuses as ‘A hologram of a princess told me to’. Very few pupils were staying on until the Upper Sith.

However, the new Jedi Academy has claimed that the Ofsted Inspection was biased and one-sided. They were particularly alarmed at the report’s conclusion that the Academy ‘must be wiped off the face of the universe’ – the exact phrase used by the Ofsted chief inspector, a Mr D. Vader.

Zadok (with help from simon jmr, thackeray, uncle marvo and ianslat)

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