Children ‘no longer believe in their parents’


The traditional Christmas notion of parents bringing the presents for their little children is considered to be completely unworkable by most modern children, a survey has revealed.

‘It’s just not plausible’ said Sean Currie, aged seven. ‘My parents can’t even get it together to get dressed in the morning, to find a job or cook a meal that isn’t microwaved pizza. So they idea that they could have possibly been organized enough to buy and wrap all those presents that appeared last Christmas – well it just isn’t possible. It’s actually more likely to be man from the North Pole with flying reindeer or something.’

‘It’s all over the playground,’ agreed Jenny Poole, aged six. ‘Everyone knows that Father Christmas does exist, and lives at a place called My friend Molly even says she’s seen the big red van they use to deliver the presents.’

The poll of children aged three to eight has shown that most little ones don’t believe they actually have a father, let alone one who might put a sack of presents at the bottom of their bed or by the chimney.With so many children being brought up in single parent families, it is thought that some children are only clinging onto the concept of Santa Claus in an a forlorn attempt to have some sort of father figure in their lives. ‘There was a strange old man stumbling around on the step last Christmas Eve,’ said Sean. ‘But I think it was that fellah Mum brought home from the office party.’


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