Image of a piece of toast seen on face of the Virgin Mary


Pilgrims were flocking to the Hampshire town of Basingstoke today after a local woman claimed to have seen a vision of a piece of toast on a picture of the Virgin Mary at her local church. Betty Tilley, 42, was praying silently at the Sacred Heart Catholic church when she looked up to see a ray of light slanting in through the window, illuminating a reproduction painting of the Virgin Mary and as she moved closer she was amazed by what she saw.

‘There’s just no question in my mind that it was a miracle. Right there, on the face of the Holy Mary, Mother of God, I could see a nice piece of toasted sliced white bread. The amazing thing is that it was just like the one I had had for breakfast, so clearly this must be some kind of message from God.’

When news of the apparition spread, a crowd of pilgrims rapidly flocked to the church to witness the toast miracle for themselves. A tented camp sprang up and around two thousand people from all over the UK started queueing for a chance to view the holy snack solution.

Some claimed that the appearance of the toast heralded the end of the world as know it, and that a new world order based on liberty, justice and wholewheat loaves for all would soon follow. Although one local said his little brother had drawn the picture of a piece of toast on the painting for a laugh.

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