Single run gets man to full fitness


In what is being claimed as a medical first today, John Charles, 36, of Milton Keynes has been pronounced in prime physical condition after he attempted a short run to combat the excesses of the holiday period.

‘I only ran to the end of the road and back,’ said family man John ‘I was feeling a bit hung over after the New Year’s party and my chest was bad from smoking so I resolved to finally get fit once and for all.’

James Farrant of the Medical Research Institute confirmed that under test conditions Mr Charles proved to be at the absolute peak of physical health. It is one of those rare medical phenomena; most people have to train for years to get to such perfection but Mr Charles achieved it after only a few hundred metres.’

When asked what he thought was the secret to his success John revealed that he’d invested a lot in the correct gear. ‘I bought the most expensive trainers and designer shorts and headband. I’d never been running before but I knew I needed the right stuff.’

John’s wife Lyn was shocked by the change in her husband. ‘He’s like a new man,’ she said. ‘Now, he is turning to improving his mind. He has bought the first installment of a magazine that week by week teaches you about the world around us. He’ll definitely keep reading the subsequent installments…’

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