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Get A Life magazine is the exciting new publication for obsessive magazine purchasers… Week by week, ‘Get A Life Magazine’ helps you build a normal interesting life which doesn’t involve an irrational desire to master pointless hobbies.

Week one, discover the art of cake decorating, and why it’s a bit of a waste of time frankly… In week two, we teach you the secret of cabinet making – which is to leave it to professional cabinet makers. Week three, learn how to stop staring at wallcharts of Elite Fighting Squads, and go and have a conversation with someone. Discover that creative embroidery is not very useful anymore. See how much trouble it is to cook authentic oriental dishes, compared to just getting a take-away which tastes much nicer anyway. Month by month, you’ll learn the difference between a valuable collection which you’ll treasure for years to come, and a pile of old magazines which end up in the attic.

Remember, Get A Life magazine is not available in the shops, because none of them could be persuaded to stock it. But take out a direct debit today and we are sort of hoping you might forget to cancel it ages after you’ve given up reading the mag.

‘Get A Life’ Magazine. Buy Issue One now, and get an attractive free paper shredder – for issues two to twenty.


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