Apple unveil iNvisible iBook


Apple’s Steve Jobs stunned reporters at an Apple product launch yesterday by apparently holding nothing but air in his hands. An excited Jobs explained ‘the iNvisible iBook is the lightest, slimmest most beautiful Apple product yet. Almost invisible to all but the coolest, smartest consumers, this takes the appreciation of design and technology to a new level.’

At this point many of the assembled journalists and technology correspondants squinted and then suddenly gasped in admiration at the beauty and design of the new Apple product, agreeing that it was definitely worth the $2,999 price tag. ‘Anyone with any taste or appreciation of computer design can see that this is the best product on the market’.

When one reporter asked what exactly the iNvisible iBook could do, Jobs simply replied ‘See for yourself!’ and the reporters gasped at the many varied functions of the machine and the speed with which it accomplished them. The only blip in the presentation was a slight disturbance at the back of the hall when a small boy shouted out ‘There’s nothing in his hand!’ but he was quickly removed by security.

In a later statement Jobs explained that the boy had been a long way back and had poor vision, hence his inability to see the new iNvisible iBook. For his second media appearance of the day, Jobs was wearing Apple’s new super-cool range of clothing to go with the iNvisible iBook.

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