Town Planners playing Scrabble using Google Earth


An investigation is underway after it was discovered that town planners and architects in the Midlands are playing a massive game of Scrabble by constructing letter-shaped buildings to spell out words that can then be identified on Google Earth.

Two years ago, new office and shopping complex in Dudley was praised for its creative use of new materials on a challenging elongated site, where it ‘defined a new relationship between the built environment and external spaces.’ But what nobody realized was that when viewed on Google Earth, the architect had actually spelt out ‘HADDOCK’. The challenge was then on for a rival architect who had been commissioned to build a site directly to the south of this one, incorporating the second ‘D’ from the middle of the word. His team-mates in the local planning department soon gave permission for a new residential development, without revealing that they had successfully spelt out ‘DHAL’ with massive fifty metre letters that had become the homes for hundreds of people.

On being challenged that ‘you can’t have curry dishes as they are not proper English words’, the office responsible explained that ‘Dhal’ was in fact in the Oxford English Dictionary, and was ‘a type of tropical woody herb much cultivated in the tropics’. The large ‘L’-shaped building at the southernmost point of the development necessitated the demolition of a rural school, thereby earning them a triple word score.

It has emerged that after a succesful challenge last year, that ‘you couldn’t have ‘THERMOS’ because it was actually a proper noun’, a new hospital and old people’s care home were demolished as the architects and planners were forced to take their go again.

The officers in Dudley’s Town Planning department who based their decisions on this game of Google Earth Scrabble have now been sacked from their department, but not before they had given the green light to a new City Academy, which joined up to the last letter of HADDOCK and used up their last letters, U, F and C.

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