Scientists develop condom-flavoured fruit


A team of British scientists have developed a range of condom flavoured fruits, in an attempt to improve the diet of ‘sex-addicted British teenagers’. Research shows that teenagers dislike the unfamiliar taste of fresh fruit and vegetables and so the hope is that they may be tempted to try them if they come in more familiar flavours.

The Cambridge based researchers first isolated the chemical flavour agents of several leading name condoms, including Trojan and Durex. Then, using a complicated technique they managed to splice the condom molecules with the DNA of a selection of popular fruits, producing the distinctive nose-wrinkling bitter flavour of a fresh condom. The fruit will soon be available in three varieties; Featherlite Banana, Ribbed Strawberry and French Tickler Tangerine, which comes with a spermicide topping.

‘This isn’t just some amusing novelty product,’ explained Professor Andrew Pryor who led the innovative project. ‘If we can get some vitamins into these kids we have a real chance of improving their lives and future prospects. We are hoping that condom flavoured bananas will soon feature as one of their five portions of fruit or vegetable a day.’

Critics say the project is doomed to failure, pointing out that Britain has the highest teen-pregnancy rates in Western Europe. But the scientists are pressing ahead with other fruit flavours that may be more appealing to today’s adolescents, including tobacco flavour, and ‘girlfriends tongue’. But Professor Pryor warned that further progress on this project will be painstakingly slow. ‘Splicing the DNA is not so hard,’ he said, ‘it is opening the condom packet that takes the time.’

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