Office manager ‘pretty sure’ he got away with new wig


Andrew Mullins, a property manager for Brent Council in London, was relieved to report that his first day at work sporting a newly-acquired toupee, had passed without incident.

Forty-eight year old Mullins had taken the decision to buy a hairpiece after concluding that combing over the ‘slightly thinning’ hair on the top of his head with strands from the back and sides was taking too long in the mornings. He didn’t expect anyone would really notice the change, but upon arriving at the office first thing on Monday Mullins had loudly announced to the staff that he had ‘discovered a new barber’, just in case.

The rest of the day passed relatively uneventfully for the property manager who, as he wandered the corridors of cubicles in his department, was pleased to hear the sound of furious typing of emails wherever he walked by. The afternoon was then spent leading a meeting on the proposed office team-building day where suggestions from his staff had included wind-surfing, kite flying, and, ‘one rather left-field suggestion of visiting a wind tunnel.’ Yet he maintained that there are no bad ideas in brain-storming, and it wasn’t long after that that the group collectively agreed on a crafts day, where they could all learn about rug-weaving which, Mullins said, ‘Certainly makes a change from paintball.’

‘They’re a good bunch,’ reflected the manager, affectionately known by his staff as Donald Trump (‘because I’m in charge of all this property, obviously’), before commenting on another example of their kind and caring nature: ‘Here, look at this, it’s a sponsorship form that went around today. They’re all selling syrup of figs to raise money for this charity that supports rodents that are being cruelly kept in horrible conditions. Those poor, poor hamsters…’ he said as he enjoyed a bowl of cereal his secretary had dropped in, because he looked like he might need some Shredded Wheat.


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