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Well done to Phil Da Greek and thackaray for their winning story – Ryan Air to Charge for ‘Emotional Baggage’. It was a close and well fought race with ‘Toddlers admit failed strategy in War on Pigeons’ often level pegging until a late surge for the RyanAir story finally clinched it in the last few days… It is particularly gratifying that the winning story was one that came out of an idea that was subsequently improved by collaboration on the submissions board, and the story has just featured in the New York Times. Thanks to everyone who voted, and we may do this monthly or quarterly or at least more than once a year if we can get our heads round this polling programme…


Toddlers admit failed strategy in ‘War on Pigeons’
24 February 2007 by Phil Smith

Ryanair to charge for ’emotional baggage’
14 September 2007 by Phil Da Greek and thackaray
The announcement was made in an attempt to avoid delays caused by family arguments at check-in and boarding; henceforth Ryan Air will have a strict rule of ‘one simple divorce case per passenger’.

Veteran tomato tin denter retires
22 Sept 2007 by TeamBiscuit

Office ‘nutter’ did actually have serious mental health problems
17 July 2007 by NewsBiscuit
His workmates have sent him the little placard for him to put up above his bench in the hospital workshop. It says; ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps.’

Rosa Parks was victim of ‘Superglue Prank’
5 November 2007 by Team Biscuit
RosaThe super glue had actually been placed on the seat by her mischievous nephews as a prank, who had no idea that the whole thing would precipitate a civil rights campaign, the mobilization of the National Guard and the end to legal segregation.

Mail to give away ‘Big Issue Lite’ to undercut homeless
8 November 2007 by NewsBiscuit
The first Little Issue also includes a free A3 wall chart of all the other free-sheets littering Britain’s big cities. ‘It’s not just for sticking on your wall,’ said Paul Dacre. ‘It’s also folds out into a flimsy blanket for when the homeless haven’t raised enough to spend the night in a hostel.’

Soviet Union to reform for ‘one night only’
22 June 2007 by squonk
The countries of the former Soviet Union have agreed to reform for a special one-off evening of military posturing, human rights abuse and state-controlled oppression.

Diana inquest releases colonoscopy footage
5 October 2007 by newsbiscuit
The fact that the car she was in was crashed by a drunk driver when she wasn’t wearing her seat belt is just one of the nutty theories that jurors will have to consider.

Gordon Brown has Darth Vader to Tea
20 September 2007 by NewsBiscuit
The move has angered more traditional supporters of the Labour Party, who still have bitter memories of in the brutal enforcement of Vader’s rule throughout the galaxy during the 1980s.

BBC admits Pudsey faked eye injury
20 July 2007 by barnabas (one line Archy and Al O’Pecia)
‘We deeply apologise to everyone who has been misled into donating over the years, in the belief that they are helping to restore sight to real one-eyed bears. We are looking into the possibility of refunding the hundreds of millions of pounds given since Pudsey first appeared in 1985.’

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