Happy Birthday NewsBiscuit! The flowers were a lovely thought, but could we just have the money?


If you’re enjoying using the site as it passes its second birthday, there are several ways you can help support us. From donating to NewsBiscuit, to using the Facebook application, to drinking your tea from a a NewsBiscuit mug – to giving us the a half hearted “it’s alright I suppose” on Stumble Upon.


NewsBiscuit is of course a free non-subsciption site and you may be irritated by this. If this is the case you will probably wante to give us some money. No donation is too small, though frankly 50p would be a bit rubbish.

(Suggested donation; Three Quarters of a Million Pounds).


NewsBiscuit has a Facebook group and a Facebook application that automatically posts a new story to your profile page every day. Join the group here.

You’ll see under every story a “post to Facebook” button, clicking here will help spread the site.

NewsBiscuit Merchandise

Visit the NewsBiscuit store, you’re welcome to buy our ludicrously overpriced products, as long as you remember they won’t arrive for weeks.

Stumble Upon
You may already be familiar with StumbleUpon, it is essentially a way of spending a great deal of time on the Internet. You tell them what websites you like and it starts to build up a picture of what you might enjoy in the future, and then sends you there.

We’ve found that a great many new users have been brought to the site by people giving our stories the “thumbs up” on stumble upon. And it’s a good way to never get any work done for you – have a look:
Stumble Upon

If you don’t want to do any of these, that is fine, just keep enjoying the site and counting your money and wondering why you have no friends…

Thanks for all your stories – onwards and upwards to NewsBiscuit’s third year…

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