‘World’s Number 1 Mum Award’ plagued by cheap fakes


The coveted ‘World’s Number 1 Mum’ award is in crisis this weekend as a huge surge in cheap imitation awards has been discovered in gift shops around the globe. The highly respected annual award is an international honour on a par with the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pulitzer, is bestowed upon the mother who is judged by the esteemed committee to be the best mother in the whole wide world. The mother is selected from a shortlist of two billion.

Each year the trophy itself differs, having previously been presented in the form of a mug, a key ring, a card, a photo frame, a baggy T-shirt or a cushion. However the recent spate of ‘knock-off’ awards, unofficial copies mass-produced by rogue manufacturers has damaged the award’s reputation. ‘Many no longer realise that we are a highly respected international jury’ said the awards committee chairman Lord Bragg. ‘So many people have been presenting their mother with one of these cheap, low quality forgeries that the real award has lost its kudos.’

Indeed last year, when the award was given to a Jackie Hunt, she had already received two ‘fakes’ from her children and was unaware of the status of the official prize. Although she was pleased to accept the certificate and ‘World’s No. 1 Mum’ teddy, Lord Bragg believes that she wasn’t that bothered. ‘Most mothers seem more pleased that their children appreciate them. I’ve heard one winner say that the official award wasn’t as special as the one that her son got at the petrol station.’

Lord Bragg refused to divulge the winner of this year’s award, although it is believed a Mrs Hilary Hennell is very high on the list. ‘That’s saved me the cost of a card’ said her son.

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