Winehouse keen to read her own biography ‘to find out what she’s been up to’


A spokesman for Amy Winehouse has revealed that the singer is very excited about the forthcoming biography and hopes to discover exactly what has happened during the last five years of her life.

Publishers of the controversial book by Nick Johnstone became nervous after the singer began bombarding them with requests for an advance copy. They presumed that the Grammy winner must be concerned about potentially libellous allegations, but in fact she was just curious to know how she came to wake up on the floor of a hotel bathroom with smudged mascara, a wonky beehive and a number of empty vodka bottles.

‘Amy is hoping that the book might jog one or two memories’ said her manager; ‘Her short term memory is not quite as strong as it might be’ he said down the phone, before breaking off to say ‘I’m your manager Amy…’ ‘She can vaguely recall walking into a recording studio in 2002, but after that it’s all a bit of a blur. Amy is apparently worried that she might have possibly made a bit of an arse of herself on the odd night out’ he continued. ‘She’s just grateful that at least there aren’t any embarrassing photos out there.’

Amy Winehouse’s rapid rise to fame has come at a price for the controversial singer. Allegations of substance abuse, anorexia, heroin addiction and marital violence have meant that she was constantly in the headlines. ‘Still it could have been worse’ said her manager; ‘She could have gone on ‘Lily Allen and Friends.’

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