Parents worried that toddler isn’t texting yet


Anxious parents Alan and Natalie Easter from Southend are contacting health and educational professionals after becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of communication skills displayed by their two year old daughter.

‘She’s had a mobile phone since she was six months old, but she still hasn’t written her first text message,’ they explained. To give her a head start with her communication skills, the couple have avoided talking directly to her, bombarding her with SMS messages instead in the hope that she will pick up the language that way. ‘We’ve sent her picture texts and smiley emoticons but we just feel we are not getting anything back.’

The two year old girl, called K8, is now undergoing a series of psychometric tests and cognative ability checks to ascertain whether her communication issues are part of a wider problem with her intellectual development. ‘K8’s older brother and sister were way ahead of K8 by this age,’ recalls her mother.

Kvn, the eldest of the Easter children wrote his first words aged just 18 months. Natalie recalls how she awoke at 3am to find the message ‘I ve 2 p’ from their first child. His mother then frantically texted ‘omg’ to her husband and the couple exchanged a further series of joyful electronic communications on the subject, and only five minutes later a second message arrived, saying ‘sry 2 L8’.

‘I’d not actually seen him ‘FTF’ since I’d recharged his phone the week before and rushed to his room at which he asked me ‘hu d f R U?’ It was magical. And I’m just not getting anything like that from my daughter. The doctors have tried asking her what’s wrong, and why she is being so unco-operative. But she wouldn’t reply to their MSN messages either.’

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