Mother accidentally mentions son’s appearance in society magazine


A sixty year-old mother from Nantwich today admitted that she had ‘unintentionally revealed the fact that her son and his wife had their photograph published in the society magazine Cheshire Life.’

‘I can’t believe it slipped out’ said Mrs Alice Warburton, a retired post-mistress. ‘When my son told me that the photograph of him and his wife sipping champagne at the NSPCC fund-raising ball whilst wearing black tie and ball gown was to be published, I was pretty uninterested. And then he told me the photograph had been taken in the presence of retired former Greater Manchester Police Deputy Chief Constable John Stalker and his lovely wife I was even less bothered. ‘So what if there was some minor minor celeb at the same drinks do, as my son? I mean no one is going to be more interested in that than me, are they? So I was determined not to mention this to any of my neighbours or friends at the local golf, bridge and flower-arranging clubs that I joined a couple of days beforehand. But for some reason I accidentally let it slip. As it turned out, I happened to have a few spare photographs in my handbag, and so was able to hand out colour photocopies to everyone I met just to prove that I wasn’t making it up.’

Participating in her first ever telephone quiz on a local radio station later that evening, Mrs Warburton again let slip the details of the magazine picture despite her best intentions to keep the whole matter private. ‘Unfortunately the answer ‘My son James has his picture in this month’s Cheshire Life, yes, on page 27’ was not the title of Kylie Minogue’s latest album and so Mrs Warburton was eliminated from the quiz.

Her son James, a 43 year-old computer salesman and avid car enthusiast, said he forgave his mother for her mistake although he was disturbed to learn that she was now putting her five bedroom house on the market. ‘As an only child I had always sort of thought I would inherit the family home’ he said. ‘But it turns out the sale of the house has been forced onto Mum by the cost of having an edition of Cheshire Life delivered to every single house in the North West of England.’

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