Website launched to end confusion over price comparison websites


A new website was launched this week to compare price comparison websites. The new site, ‘’, was created to help people to quickly ascertain which was the best price comparison website for them. However, it was quickly followed by ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ and a number of similar sites offering exactly the same service.

In order to help consumers decide which comparison-comparison site was right for them, one internet entrepreneur has launched a new site comparing all the sites comparing all the comparison sites. ‘We think we may have discovered a whole new philosophical dimension’ said the founder of ‘’.

Online shoppers were urged not to attempt to open the new site if they were at all prone to dizziness or nausea. ‘We are also warning people not to enter the site if the have an important appointment later in the week that they do not wish to completely forget about.’ Several consumers have gone on to these sites and still been on them 72 hours later. Internet users who may be prone to addiction to comparison websites should log on to ‘’ or ‘’ or ‘’ or they can choose between all of these on which ‘’ which was launched this morning.

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