Consumers boycott Chinese goods, discover there is nothing else to buy

Free Tibet, with every purchase

A plan by British consumers to boycott Chinese goods has hit a hitch after they discovered that the shops did not actually sell anything from any other country.

‘I felt so angry at the Chinese treatment of Tibetans protestors that I resolved to hit back at China where it hurt most – by crippling their economy!’ declared Melanie Hampton of Tunbridge Wells. However as she searched for a new microwave, some children’s toys and a pair of trainers she found herself struggling to find alternatives.

‘Every time I checked the label of anything I fancied, it said ‘Made in China’ she confessed. ‘I mean, there were other things in the shops, but they cost a lot more, and on reflection, those Chinese policemen were only doing their job.’

The excellent value of the Chinese made children’s T-shirts, at only two for £3.99 reminded Melanie that China’s claim to Tibet dates back many centuries and that there are many other independence movements around the world. The Chinese saucepans at only £4.99 each were clearly the product of a booming economy, that Tibet might actually be wise to support.

Another consumer declared that they would refuse to buy anything made in China as soon as they had purchased themselves that new Toshiba flat screen digital TV with superb picture quality and surround-sound. ‘We won’t be buying anything else from that repressive country’ said Janet Moss from Kettering. ‘Not now we’ve got the whole entertainment system set up for under a grand.’ But if things get even worse in Tibet, we may consider getting our electrical goods from elsewhere next time. It depends on the level of self-determination allowed to the Tibetan people and the timing of the price-slashing crazy sale at PC World.

In the meantime a number of consumers have pledged to demonstrate the strength of their feelings by putting a ‘Free Tibet’ sticker in the back of their cars. ‘Though these are printed in China as well, so what can you do?’

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