Office workers find team building weekend relevant and useful


Workers at a Bristol based insurance company have reported a really positive impact on their working relationships following a weekend team-building event they were forced to attend. Delighted event organiser and HR Manager Howard Clarkson said: ‘This is a bit of a first for us, and I gather for any team building event in the UK. We’re absolutely amazed, I mean delighted’.

Dave Atkins from Accounts said: ‘Shooting the sales team in the head with paint pellets was just what I personally needed. I feel more able to cope with any admin problems that crop up now.‘ IT specialist Carla Fitzallen also learned a lot from the activities. ‘Falling backwards into the arms of a team-mate standing behind me really showed me that there’s no ‘I’ in team.’

The weekend-long outward-bound event also featured teams building a ‘bridge’ across an imaginary river using planks of wood and milk crates. ‘I found the bridge-building exercise highly informative,’ said sales executive Brian Schmidt. ‘Next time I need to metaphorically bridge a metaphorical river, I’ll be sure to get my metaphorical team mates to help me. It wasn’t quite as enjoyable as leading my blindfolded manager around an obstacle course, though. That exercise is going to be so useful when I come to write my next powerpoint presentation on quarterly sales figures.’

The post-event survey was itself also an HR triumph, with 100% of delegates returning their forms. HR Manager Clarkson said: ‘I really don’t know how we managed to get such a good response. We usually get less than half the forms back. Although they might need to think about a spelling awayday. Many of their forms said the training was ‘Reeeeaaalllly worth it’ and ‘sooooo useful’. All the same, it’s good to be appreciated.’

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