Celebs call for action to save dwindling horizon


Top celebrities have called for urgent international co-operation after it was revealed that man’s activities on Earth are now threatening the horizon itself. Bob Geldof, Sting and Madonna are among the stars who are planning a huge concert to highlight the plight of the diminishing horizon, which scientists estimate could disappear completely by 2050.

The extended barrier that separates the earth from the sky has long been recognized as a miracle of nature; made up of a gaseous, semi-permeable mesh; with holes large enough to allow rain and birds to pass through, but small enough to block bits of sky and clouds.

Environmental scientist Jeff Woad claims the damage is being caused by the boom in aviation, as every flight rips a huge hole in the horizon’s protective membrane. ‘If we keep going like this, the sky and sea will merge into one; drowning birds and leaving fish gasping for oxygen. We’ll look out to distance expecting to see green fields meeting blue sky, but it all be mixed up into a sort of muddy brown colour.’

The first clear signs of environmental damage came on Boxing Day 2004, when scientists noticed a slab of sky the size of the Isle of Wight had broken through a crack in the horizon and was heading towards the Australian town of William Creek. Disaster was narrowly avoided as Australians used high pressure water hoses to alter the trajectory of the falling sky, instead bringing it down safely in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Former Tomorrow’s World Presenter Judith Hann today added her own voice to the calls for action, saying ‘If we don’t do something now, what will we we say to our kids in years to come? ‘Yes son, rainbows did used to be in the sky, but now they’re just lying about broken on the floor because I wanted a weekend mini break in Prague…’ Well I don’t think I could live with myself, could you?’ However an American research team are confident that swift action now could still save the rainbow; although sadly, only in a black and white version.


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