Elderly are ‘threat to society’, say youths


A group of teenage youths on the Isle of Wight has issued a formal complaint to the local council about the ‘threatening behaviour’ of elderly people within their community. ‘It’s getting intolerable’, said Shane, 13. ‘They take over the bus shelters, shout loudly to each other and even get on the bus without paying. How do they get away with it? Some people even get up and offer their seats to them because they’re so afraid.’

One youth, who wished to remain unnamed, said she would sometimes cross over the street when she saw a group of elderly people approaching. ‘You can spot them a mile off. They’ve got this kind of uniform they wear and a way they walk so they all look the same and can recognize each other. You can easily tell the ones to really avoid by the beige jackets and matching trousers; they’re the really dangerous ones,’ she added. ‘I hate it when they wear those tweed caps and headscarves so you can’t see their faces properly, it’s quite intimidating.’

There have also been rumours of organised dog fights in local parks, where elderly gangs assemble with their poodles and Yorkshire terriers for the alleged dog baiting. But local police have so far seemed powerless to act against the pensioner gangs even after recent reports of drug dealing in the town centre. ‘It’s shocking – they go out and openly score pills for arthritis, heart conditions and angina,’ said Shane. ‘One pensioner was also seen openly using a crack pipe with the drugs concealed in a ‘Three Nuns’ tobacco packet.’


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