Grand Designs film crew banned from Olympic Site


Contractors overseeing the building of the London Olympic stadium today had to request police assistance to remove Kevin McCloud and the entire ‘Grand Designs’ production team from the site. Builders said that they had never agreed to feature on the hit Channel 4 TV programme and were fed up with McCloud striding across the site saying in hushed tones that he wondered whether they were being a bit over-ambitious given the budget and time constraints.

‘Every time you were trying to dig foundations or pour cement, this posh bloke kept getting in the way going on and on about the bloody ‘integrity of the materials to the natural setting’ or some other bollocks. One of the lads threatened to deck him, but he just turned to camera and said something about tensions beginning to show on this high-profile and controversial project.’

Earlier McCloud had interviewed an embarrassed Sebastian Coe and his wife who both blushed as they admitted how much the budget had gone up since they first planned the project together. But eventually the police were called and McCloud was physically removed from the building site. ‘The outside space forms a natural extension to the interior’ he enthused to camera as police dragged him away, ‘but I just hope they’ve got a good project manager who can get on with the architects and the clients…’

The Production team said they were not disheartened by the eviction, and were already planning an episode of ‘Grand Designs Revisted’ for July 2012 to look at the site only six months from completion.

Steve 20

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