Saudi TV hires Trinny and Susannah for ‘What Not To Show’


TV style experts Trinny and Susannah are doing a new fashion show in Saudi Arabia, giving devout Muslim women tips on how to look good and feel great while wearing a black veil from head to toe. The new programme is a departure from their recent programmes featuring female nudity or items on feel-good ladies’ underwear or carefully-measured bra fittings.

The producer of ‘What Not To Show’ says that for this show Trinny and Susannah are taking a completely different approach. ‘Basically we have found some slightly overweight and self conscious Saudi women and told them to stop worrying about it because no one can see them anyway.’ Trinny and Susannah look at their colouring, the hair, the facial structure and body shape of the selected women and then explain to viewers that the best thing in all cases would be for the models to cover themselves up with a long black veil with just a tiny slit for the eyes.

‘You’ve got beautiful eyes love, so show them off, wear something that really draws attention to your best feature’ said Trinny to one lady who was eager to get some clothing advice to bring some variety to her wardrobe. ‘Look at these clothes they’re all baggy, dark tops that say ‘Don’t look at me’. And what you need is some more clothes exactly the same as these ones…’

The show has proved a big hit in Saudi Arabia, with eager viewers tuning in each week to see what the style experts’ advice might be. The fashion show in the final programme brought gasps of astonishment as each new model walked down the catwalk in a black niqab, to the applause of all those watching. ‘Today’s Saudi woman needs outfits that reflect her busy lifestyle; driving, working, playing sport, dashing to meetings – these are just some of the many things that they won’t be doing. We think our choices reflect that.’

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