Barbeque was definitely worth the extra effort


A Loughborough man was relaxing this morning, the day after his family enjoyed a delicious barbeque supper that all agreed was worth every bit of the extra effort involved. Mark Carter 46, recounted ‘We thought that since the weather had been so nice recently, it would make a pleasant change to cook outside and enjoy that delicious smoky barbeque flavour that you can only get from cooking over charcoal. So I volunteered to get the old barbeque out and knock up supper for the wife and kids.’

Having scraped the rust and cobwebs off the barbeque grill and gone and bought the briquettes from the local garage, Mark said it was just a question of getting a good fire going in time for dinner. ’At first I just tried tiny rolled up bits of newspaper, but after a brief moment of smoke and flame, it all seemed to go a bit quiet. Then I poured on loads of meths over it and singed my eyebrows, but following another trip to the garage to get firelighters, the heat really started to get going after an hour or two…’

Mike had previously marinaded his chicken pieces in a delicious Sainsburys barbecue sauce and now put the skewers over the glowing coals. ‘I forgot to soak the wooden swewers in water beforehand, so they all caught fire and fell apart’ he admitted, ‘But no worry, because not all of the pieces were so large that they fell through onto the ash below.’ Having mistimed the heat of the fire somewhat, Mike, his wife and his now rather hungry and fractious children, finally got to eat their barbecued chicken at 11.30 at night. ‘We all agreed it made a real change to eat outside and the delicious campfire flavour of that original barbecue sauce made it all worthwhile.’

This morning Mark was enjoying the Bank Holiday relaxing on his own at home. ‘I always say that chicken is best not overcooked so I actually prefer it pink in the middle’ he said. ‘Sally and the kids have popped down to the hospital. They seem to have been suddenly stuck down by some mystery bug. Perhaps it’s that flu that’s going around.’

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