Inter-faith strife to end following launch of the ‘Wiki-Bible’


A new on-line user generated concept from the creators of Wikipedia is hoping to end all religious strife across the world. The so-called Wiki-Bible project plans to have one on-line holy book for all world faiths, written and edited by the world-wide community.

‘Like all ideas, the genius is in its simplicity,’ said creator Karl Eckstein. ‘If someone feels strongly that the central tenet of another religion is fundamentally wrong, then they can go on-line and change it. This morning the Wiki-Bible stated quite categorically that there was but one god and his name was Allah. This afternoon, another editor had corrected that to explain that there were in fact a number of different gods including Ganesh, Krishna, Vishnu and Cristiano Ronaldo.’

It is hoped that by asserting their version of which is the one true faith, fundamentalists around the world will be diverted from asserting their beliefs through violence or religious persecution. ‘But we hope that eventually, people of all faiths will accept this as the one true holy text for all mankind’ added Eckstein. ‘Plus if you find yourself having broken one of the central commandments of your religion, you can always go online and change it. This morning the seventh commandment read ‘Though shalt not commit adultery. Unless it is with thy neighbour’s wife Janice.’

The Wiki-Bible site has been swamped with visitors since its launch, with thousands of editors from the Vatican, Israel and Mecca logging on to adjust the emphasis in the Wiki-Gospels. ‘There are still a few nuances to be ironed out’ admitted Eckstein. ‘I think that bit about God having promised the land of Judea to the Buddhists and Taoists as well might not be very helpful. And admittedly it all gets a bit confusing towards the end.’ But according to the world’s definitive holy e-book, for the time being the sacred text is quite clear. ‘And yea, God laid down his life for his only son. And his name was Luke Skywalker.’

28th May 2008

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