Hillary Clinton now counting on Super-Hero Delegates


Hillary Clinton has said she still believes she can win the Democratic nomination with the support of what she calls the party’s ‘Superhero Delegates’. These are apparently senior Democratic appointees with incredible superhuman powers who ‘could trap Barrack Obama in a giant sticky web’ or ‘freeze him in a block of ice’ thereby clearing her way to be the democratic candidate for November’s Presidential election.

Clinton insiders claim that female superheroes such as Wonderwoman and ‘that invisible one from the Fantastic Four’ have long been onside but they are now winning over key centre-right waverers such as Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk. ‘As we head into South Dakota, Barrack Obama faces the prospect of being lifted up and thrown through a wall by the deadly force of Wolverine from the X Men!’ claimed the former First Lady to a cheering crowd in Montana. ‘Then Superman is going to fly around the world, reversing the rotation of the Earth, turning back time to a point where we are in the lead!’ At this point the cheering fell away, and the awkward silence was punctuated by an embarrassed cough.

However Clinton insiders remain excited by a scenario they believe could hand their hero victory. ‘Obama has put together a campaign team with no-one who can breathe underwater or absorb flames. All the major superhero delegates are with us. God Bless Captain America!’ Despite the Democrats liberal position on same sex partnerships, Batman and Robin of course, remain staunch Republicans.


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