NASA to sue Snappy Snaps over blurry Mars photos


The space agency NASA today launched a multi million dollar lawsuit against Snappy Snaps for the poor quality of developed photos they have received from the Phoenix Lander which recently touched down on the surface of Mars.

Commander John Johnson told reporters ‘We at mission control are very disappointed with the quality of images that we’ve received so far. A lot of these pictures have been severely over exposed and are very grainy. And it’s even more annoying when half of them have little oval stickers on them making out it’s our fault.’

NASA also claim that they had to separate out some pictures of an 18th Birthday party that were mixed in with theirs. ‘We expected to see some beautifully layered and spellbinding photos of a polar landscape and instead we got a drunk girl with smudged mascara giving us the finger.’

Snappy Snaps spokesman Janet Graham was quick to jump to the defence of the company; ‘I saw the pictures myself and I have to say I blame the photographer. Their snapshots were all out of focus and blurry. There was one picture of a figure that could have been the first photographic evidence of an alien if they hadn’t cut the head off. Then there was another one that was ruined by a metallic finger obscuring the lens. Just because it’s a billion dollar robot doesn’t mean it can take a good photo.’

NASA’s plans to send a professional photographer on the first manned mission to Mars hit a setback when it was found he was double-booked with a wedding in Newport, Isle of Wight. In the meantime they are awaiting for Snappy Snaps to answer the charges made by their lawyer. After three weeks there are growing suspicions that Snappy Snaps might have posted their detailed legal response to the address of some holiday makers from Birmingham.

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