Top Gear slammed for promoting ‘unfashionable clothing’


The presenters of hit BBC show Top Gear have been slammed by broadcasting watchdogs for scenes showing Jeremy Clarkson and James May wearing hideously out of date clothing which ‘could be seen to glamorise the attire of the eighties’.

The presenters were seen wearing jackets with jeans, cowboy boots and an excessive amount of tucked-in denim while travelling around the West Midlands for last summer’s Top Gear: cut and shunt special.

The BBC Trust’s editorial standards committee upheld a complaint from a viewer and ruled that ‘The scenes of the presenters looking like ELO’s roadies were not editorially justified in the context of a family show pre-watershed’. The broadcasting watchdog added: ‘This programme was broadcast before the watershed, and some children might regard the presenters as role models. In this context the combination of thinning hair and baggy crumpled shirts could be seen to glamorise some highly inappropriate fashion.

This is the second time that Top Gear have come under fire for their clothing. Last year an oncoming driver crashed his car after his view was dazzled by the brightness of James May’s Paisley shirt.


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