Yves Saint Laurent buried in counterfeit coffin


Friends of the veteran fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent spoke of their anger after the coffin in which he was being buried was found to be a cheap fake copy from Korea. ‘We looked in awe as the funeral procession began its walk down the aisle, but then I spotted something odd’ sobbed Vivienne Westwood. Jean-Paul Gaultier continued ‘Yes, what were supposed to be solid gold coffin handles were revealed to be YSL fakes as undertakers noticed that their palms had turned green.’

Then a mourner placed a crucifix on the solid oak leopardskin coffin lid. The cross scratched the top of the coffin revealing a chipboard substrate which under further examination bore the inscription ‘Wickes loft flooring; max weight 120 kgs.’

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his new wife Carla Bruni were said to be devastated at the news that cheapskate imitators had cashed in on Yves Saint Laurent’s name even at his funeral. ‘The only silver lining for Yves’ said the French President ‘Is it also appears that the body in the coffin was also a counterfeit as well.’


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