Sports fan’s novelty wig marks him out as ‘a bit of a character’


Sports fan Roland Harris 36 was complimented on his adventurous sense of humour this week after a TV commentator noticed him wearing a bright curly wig in the middle of the crowd.

Harris, 36 and from Bath, bought the luminous yellow wig at a joke shop last week after searching for an item that would reflect his unique personality and unconventional sense of humour, and was reported to be absolutely delighted with the chuckles that greeted the vision of this madcap spectator breaking all conventions at the Lord’s Test between England and South Africa.

‘You see, men’s hair is usually quite short and either black or brown or blonde…‘ explained Mr Harris. ‘So wearing a wig made out of long, bright yellow hair is just plain daft! My friends can’t believe I’m bonkers enough to wear it out in public! But tat’s just the way I am!’

Mr Harris came to national attention when a TV cameraman picked him out of the crowd, and the commentator said that the wearer of the wig clearly must be ‘a bit of a character’. Mr Harris went on to reveal that when live pictures of him wearing the wig were beamed around the world, several of his friends were incredulous. ‘They texted me saying “ive jst seen u on tv. ur mental!!!!” and “u nutta! u shld b locked up!!!!!!”, but I don’t care. It’s different, and it makes me look daring and interesting’. Nevertheless, some have criticised his decision for wearing such an elaborate headpiece: ‘I don’t think that kind of ridiculous hair should be allowed in public places’, said London mayor Boris Johnson.

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