Parents happy with daughter’s revision


The worlds of education and parenting were rocked today as happy parents Dick and Harriet Thomas announced that they were delighted with the way their daughter’s revision had gone so far this year.

Mrs Thomas said ‘We were going to urge her to start at Easter, even though it was early this year. Imagine our surprise when Katie told us she’d actually started at half-term in February.’ Apparently, Katie had not wanted to worry her parents about being too bookish.

‘We added that we thought she should try and balance things, so she spent less time on the timetable than the actual revision, but again she was ahead of us. Apparently she’s been getting up at 6am every morning and spending half an hour planning her work for the day I asked her where she was getting the energy from. She said it must be the fruit and veg she’d been eating at school, because she’d decided she didn’t like chips or pizza any more.’

Katie has opted not to use the internet for her revision as simply doing a multiple choice on BBC Bitesize test might not provide a deep enough understanding of the subject matter; plus there might always be the temptation to switch to MSN or Bebo when her parents were out of the room. ‘I am only using books as they are properly researched and checked by a copy-editor before publication,’ said the young student.

‘We’re really glad she’s doing all this work’ said Mr and Mrs Thomas, ‘she seems keen to do well. For our part we really don’t mind how she does in her exams.’


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