Anonymous IT blogger revealed to be high-class call girl


After months of speculation in the online world surrounding the identity of ‘OffAgain-OnAgain Boy’, the anonymous blogger who writes a graphic exposé of the life of an IT support manager, it was revealed that the author of the online diary does not actually work in the IT industry at all and is in fact a £3,000 per night prostitute.

Following a newspaper investigation into the surprise hit web-log, Monique DuBois, a 27-year old French woman who entertains the wealthy and famous from a penthouse apartment in London’s Mayfair, confessed that the stories of late night sessions spent identifying the cause of widespread spreadsheet corruption, and details of three hour meetings debating the merits of Windows upgrades were ‘pure fantasy’.

“I am sorry if any readers feel deceived,” commented the lingerie-clad escort, as she awaited the arrival of a senior Middle-East politician and a minor British royal, ‘but much of my life is so boring and dull, and I let my imagination run away with me. You could say I was living the dream…’

The idea for the blog had come to DuBois when she phoned her ISP’s support line when trying to place an order with an online supplier of fluffy handcuffs and latex facemasks. ‘My broadband was down and I was in a panic,…’ she explained, ‘the quiet authority and helpfulness of the BT support staff blew me away. They live a life of endless challenges, and do all they can to really make a difference.’

The outed DuBois was unrepentant about her double life, insisting that the blog represented her ‘true self’, away from the ‘mundane treadmill’ of cocaine-fuelled parties with international football teams, before continuing that she intends to use her new-found notoriety to move into ‘full service’ home PC support.

However, planned book and movie rights deal for the blog are now under threat, following the angry reaction of its thousands of fans, with one anonymous devotee summing up the backlash, ‘I feel so betrayed. I mean, I thought I’d finally found someone who had a life duller than me. To find that’s a lie… It’s just too depressing…’

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