BBC to continue emphasising the words ‘Prime Minister’ when referring to Gordon Brown


Gordon Brown has been dealt a further blow to his confidence as he celebrates his first year at 10 Downing Street. Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, has announced that the BBC will continue to add extra emphasis to the words ‘Prime Minister’ throughout all news broadcasts when referring to the present incumbent.

The measure was introduced when Gordon Brown first came into office to help remind the general public that Tony Blair was no longer P.M. Although originally planned to run for three months this scheme has now been extended indefinitely as the general public still can’t quite believe it when told that Gordon Brown is running the country.

In fact the Labour Party press office recently complained that newsreaders had started to add a sarcastic tone of incredulity to the two words ‘Prime Minister’ when followed by his name. This was borne out when the script for the Ten O’Clock News was leaked revealing the punctuation ‘PRIME MINISTER?!?!?! Gordon Brown’. Further on there were stage directions instructing the newsreader to ‘appear to suppress laugh’ or ‘maybe little disbelieving shake of the head here’.

Today there will be a number of special news programmes about Gordon Brown’s first year at 10 Downing Street. Following the leak news readers are under strict instructions to emphasise that he is definitely still Prime Minister said Mark Thompson. ‘Although they may glance at their watches and add ‘well he was last time we checked anyway…’’


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