Nintendo launches ‘Wii Pub Fight’


Japanese computer games giant Nintendo has developed a new game purely for the British market which enables players to experience a virtual reality pub brawl in the comfort of their own homes. Building on the success of Wii fit, designed to help players stay in shape, Wii Pub Fight leaves its players bloodied and bruised and usually banned from going into that virtual pub ever again.

Players as young as four can now experience an entire night out in a British inner city boozer, while their sisters stand on the sidelines sobbing ‘Leave it Kevin, it’s not worth it.’ By pointing the controller at the bar, player starts by ordering drinks, bar snacks and even a yellowing pickled egg. Consuming more and more alcoholic drinks unlocks higher levels of the game which rates a players drinking ability from ‘hard as nails’ to ‘soft as shite’.

As the game progresses, players face new challenges such as using the Wii beer goggles to locate up a partner for the evening. However at this point, a player is likely to receive a challenge from a possible opponent on the basis that ’you looked at my bird’ and possibly even ‘spilled my pint’ and the player must then hold his own in a mass pub brawl. The Nunchuck and Wii remotes can take on a variety of fighting tasks, such as grabbing pub stools and glasses so that players can smash them repeatedly over the head of opposing players. The action may move out into the car park where stacked up crates full of empty cider bottles provide new ways of causing grievous bodily harm. The most successful player is awarded a Wii Asbo.

Ironically the game has proved so popular that a number of inner city pubs are installing Wii Pub Fight to attract new customers. ‘We hoped it might channel the energy away from the real thing’ said Mike Thomsett, landlord of the Market Tavern in Middlesborough. ‘Except last night, this fellah said he put his money down before this other bloke, and then it then it all kicked off, didn’t it?’


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