Ronaldo ‘slave’ claims followed by transfer to sweat shop in Mali


Claims that Cristiano Ronaldo’s employment situation was a form of modern slavery have been given extra credence this weekend after the world player of the year was transferred to a small clothing factory in Mali where he will earn $40 dollars a week.

Compared to a slave by FIFA’s Sepp Blatter, the former £10 million a year Manchester United star has now been forced to swap his luxury Cheshire home for a mattress on the factory floor, in an unventilated, windowless room shared with the other garment workers who make cheap clothes destined for Western consumers.

‘At first I thought the slavery comparison was a fair one’ said Ronaldo. ‘After all, I was being given no choice about where I worked and Manchester United claimed to own me. But on the plus side I suppose I was earning £10 million a year, and none of us in this sweat shop even get close to that.’

Local workers at the factory were pleased to meet the new high profile arrival. ‘I spend all day working on these replica shirts’ said Modibo Soninke from behind his sewing machine. ‘It’s good to see what he actually looks like.’ Under the terms of the transfer agreement, Ronaldo must still be allowed time for football. ‘I’ve got three hundred of them to stitch before dawn or I don’t get breakfast.’

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