Bins to be collected just once a year


Three local councils have today announced that they are changing their bin collections from a fortnightly to an annual system to help cut council costs and to encourage more efficient recycling.

Norwich, Leicester and Camden councils claimed this morning that by only collecting residents’ bins once a year the overall refuse expenses could be cut by up to 9%, and that the increase in recycling should make them the most waste efficient councils in the UK. A pamphlet will be distributed to affected homes to help explain the new rubbish system, but one Councillor said; ‘It’s simple. You’ll just have one big bin for all your actual household waste, and provided you put it out by the end of September it will be collected, but only if you’ve put the lid down properly, of course.’

Monthly recycling collections will continue although the pamphlet advises against trying to sneak any other rubbish in there as well as the bins are big enough for council inspectors to live in them undetected for months watching out for ‘just that sort of thing’. ‘And they will’, the pamphlet warns.

But home-owners in Norwich have already launched protests and started a petition to stop the new system. ‘This plan quite literally stinks’ said Mr Joseph Bambridge, a Norwich resident. ‘Its going to make the whole area smell disgusting and we’ll have wildlife rummaging around and desperate tramps scratching at the sides of the bins, trying to knock them over and making a nuisance of themselves in the middle of the night.’

Further Health and safety concerns were raised when it became clear that residents would need to climb ladders to be able to put the rubbish in and while the council admitted there had been a few incidents they firmly believed ‘the residents would soon get used to it’. But Mr Bambridge disagreed saying his elderly mother had already fallen in twice while trying it out, requiring assistance from teams of firemen and a doctor who was needed to surgically remove an old tea bag from her ear.

The councils are eager to point out that the collection is currently only a trial system, and they will respond to residents’ complaints at the end of the introductory period which has been set at twelve years, but were adamant a rise in council tax was wholly justified as the new bin lorries which are needed for the scheme would have to be really, really, really big.

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