‘[Spooks] Code 9′ likely to be worse than actual terror attack


The British public was on high alert today after the BBC gave out repeated warnings which hinted that a televisual outrage may be imminent and gave precise information that it was being planned to coincide with peak time on Sunday when millions of vulnerable viewers were likely to be adversely affected. Social security experts have said that if the warnings turn out to be right then the potential for disastrous effects from this sort of plot could be huge.

The short video warnings have been aired every fifteen minutes on the BBC and refer to the planned attack on the senses only as ‘[Spooks] Code 9′ but the underlying message coming across is clearly that it could be so awful, that it could possibly be one of the worst atrocities ever to face British TV licence payers. The BBC believes it has been restrained in its communications, but that has led commentators to suggest that many people will still watch it out of curiosity without a thought for their own wellbeing or may be lulled into just sitting there as it starts naïvely thinking that ‘it can’t be that bad, can it?’

‘Spooks, was sort of all right, so I might give this a go I suppose,’ said one hopelessly optimistic viewer, forgetting the horrors of last summer’s ‘Robin Hood’, which caused widespread damage to televisions, and left many viewers injured after leaping for their remote controls.

The emergency response unit of OFCOM is urgently looking into what measures can be taken, and has provisionally ordered an amber alert; meaning it could very well be even worse than Peter Kay’s cameo on Doctor Who. An OFCOM spokesman said; ‘As far as we can tell it looks like Spooks crossed with Hollyoaks, which means…. which means… oh my God… run. Don’t look back, just run. Or, er, just watch a different channel, I suppose.’


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