America still making a big deal about Rounders


Sports fans around the world continue to be amazed that the United States has not yet run out of enthusiasm for the playground sport of rounders. The popular bat and ball game traditionally involves two teams taking turns to hit a ball as hard as they can and then running around four jumpers or woolly hats arranged in a square. ‘They have done away with the piled up clothes and have the pitch marked out especially,’ said bemused British ex-pat Mike Johnson.

Other Europeans visiting the United States have confirmed that Rounders continues to be big business in America where tens of thousands of people will spend hours watching the game in huge purpose built stadia. ‘They have special teams like the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees’ reported Mr Johnson, ‘but none of their kids are allowed to have a go like in Rounders back home. So you don’t have all that business of persuading the older kids to let the youngers ones have another try to avoid tantrums.’

Rounders is not the most popular sport in America however. That honour goes to the game that we know as ‘British bulldog’ although they have to wear special helmets and shoulder pads and are not told off by playground supervisors for being too rough.

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